SnowCloudz DabBox King

Specifically designed temperature controlled ceramic box mod for waxes and oils.

Dabbox king hero

Dab box kind set

SnowCloudz DabBox

Specifically designed temperature controlled stainless steel top box mod for waxes and oils. The Dabbox King packs a big punch with a small package. Complete with charger and detachable wax chamber for eacy cleaning and use.

The Dabbox King is made for higher temp dabs. It is recommended to use in wattage mode between 15-25 watts or 450 – 700 degress F for best results.

This is the closest vaporizer to a portable e-nail. But don’t the size fool you, it could knock you off your feet!

SnowCloudz DabBox Includes:

  • Box Mod (2300mah)
  • Wax Chamber
  • USB Charger
  • Manual
  • Dab Tool
  • Gift Box


  • First TC Ceramic Box Mod For Wax
  • TC: 300 – 800 F    Wattage: 5- 50w
  • Portable and Mini
  • All Detachable and Cleanable
  • Splash-proof Net
  • Ceramic Coil/ Dual Quartz/ Ceramic Coil

You won’t believe how crazy this thing is

until you see and try it for yourself