Introducing The DabBox Stick

The most powerful vape stick for concentrates, shatters and waxes.

Dab box stick

SnowCloudz DabBox Stick

The Dabbox Stick is the most powerful vape stick for concentrates, shatters and waxes. It is packed with intense performance and variable temperature control that allows you to control the best vaping experience.

The battery is a variable temp battery ranging from 380 degress to 460 degrees. The wattage mode is a manual mode to be used with the 4mm kanthal coil.

The top section on the DabBox Stick is built from heavy duty stainless steel with an integrated splash gaurd to protect against oil splatter. The airflow allows more restriction for thicker vapor or less restriction for smoother hits.

The Dabbox Stick includes two different coils:

  • For the Pre-Programmed Temperature Settings: a triple titanium quartz coil
  • For the Wattage Setting: and a thick wrapped 4mm kantal quartz coil
Dabbox stick coils

DabBox Stick Contents:

  • 1pc EZ Battery
  • 1pc DabBox Crest Atomizer
  • 1pc Triple Titanium Quartz Coil for TC Mode
  • 1pc Jumbo Kan-Thal Quartz Coil for Wattage mode
  • 1pc USB Charging Cable
  • 1pc Dab Tool
  • 2pcs extra O-Rings

You won’t believe how crazy this thing is

until you see and try it for yourself